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Specialty Mall for the Dog Lover

Play With Your Dog Tote BagFind it here: All about dogs t-shirts, sweats, sleeveless, and other apparel. Doggie mugs, stickers, posters, cards and more, all about the dogs you love. Great for gifts for the dog lover in your family, and for yourself.

Promote the rescue dog, talk up the fun of dog agility.

Every design is reviewed and selected with your interest in dogs in mind. Whether you want a fun dog agility t-shirt or posters to promote the rescued dog you can find it here. Want stickers or buttons about herding with your dog? Dog Play Mall specializes in dog activity, and animal welfare designs printed on a wide variety of products to wear, display, use and enjoy.

Dog Play Mall collects those wonderful but hard to find designs that will make you smile.

We've sorted through thousands of designs to find those that are upbeat, fun, and appealing regardless of what kind of dog shares your heart. The designs collected here are selected for how they reflect the theme of the Dog Play web site. We have herding and dog agility designs, of course, but also therapy dogs ( AAA, AAT, visiting dogs etc). Do you love flyball, rally, disc dog, carting, or freestyle? We have designs for you. Or you will find things devoted to the welfare of dogs such as, rescue, shelters, and efforts against breed specific legislation. Here the focus is on having fun with your dog, enjoying dogs, protecting and helping dogs, and giving thanks and recognition for the things they do for us.

Look here for fun, for love of dogs, and for thoughtful words to guide us.

Explore these unique dog related designs. Most artwork appears on all kinds of apparel: shirts that are sleeveless, long sleeved shirts and t-shirts. The sweats, hoodies and track suits are just wonderful. Caps, hats, and bags are available for a coordinated look. These images appear on posters, cards, mugs, mouse pads and even postage stamps. With bumper stickers, oval stickers, magnets and buttons you can say it, shout it, and wear your opinion on your sleeve. Promote your cause. Find a design you like and enjoy!


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